Sollog Prophecy names Trump Cuban King

Sollog the greatest seer since Nostradamus named in his newest Prophecy

Donald Trump

Mark Cuban

Stephen King

Now if we could just get Sollog to say TRUMP SUCKS


His Prophecy did say TRUMP ET BLOWS



247 News Article on Sollog Prophecy

Sollog Prophecy Articles

Sollog speaks and governments go on TERRORISM ALERT

The reason he nailed 911 and was one of the top search terms in the world for months after 911 hit.

Sollog 911 Warning

Sollog speaks and the ground shakes

Nepal Quake

Two Large Quakes Hit Sollog Window

Fukushima struck as Sollog Warned

2004 Tsunami hits when Sollog warned

Sollog speaks and planes crash

3 Planes Crash on Sollog Solstice Line of Energy

Taiwan Plane Crash as Sollog warned

Another Missing Plane where Sollog warned

Sollog speaks and famous people die

Prince Diana Dies when Sollog Warned

JFK Jr Dies when Sollog Warned

2003 Sollog Prophecy hit Stephen King

In 2003 Sollog warned in his 1111 Prophecy that tragedy was headed for Stephen King

13 days later Stephen King was in an ICU having part of his lung removed a near death experience for Stephen King and a famous hit for Sollog we covered 12 years ago.

Sollog Prophecy hits Stephen King


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